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How to Ask for Recommendations for Your Company on LinkedIn

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

LinkedIn suggests using recommendations for your products and services to “find new opportunities and reinforce your professional identity online.” LinkedIn claims that “users with recommendations are three times as likely to get inquiries through LinkedIn searches.” Now is the time to call in favors from your friends, colleagues, satisfied clients, and compatriots. You can review any recommendations you receive, so you can always decide whether to publish them.

People may use the Advanced Search feature to sort results by relationship + recommendations, so that profiles with the highest number of recommendations appear higher in search results. That’s one of the reasons that garnering recommendations is so important.

Getting recommendations is a two-step process: asking and accepting.

To get recommended, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to LinkedIn and then choose Recommendations from the Profile drop-down menu at the top.

  2. Click Ask to Be Endorsed or select the Request Recommendations tab that appears.

    Now is your chance to contact the people you’ve worked with and ask them to toot your horn. Fill out the form that appears.

  3. Fill in a name in the Your Connections text box and then click Finish.

    Alternatively, you can click the LinkedIn icon to the right of the field, add as many connections as you need, and then click Finish.

  4. Accept or modify the default message and click Send.

Recommendations don’t automatically show up on your profile. You have to accept them first, which gives you some control. When a contact sends you a recommendation, you’re notified by e-mail. Click the button at the bottom of the message to display it. Then decide whether you want to accept or decline the recommendation.

If you receive a lukewarm recommendation, ask your contact to rephrase it. Or simply say thanks, ignore the recommendation, and publish another.