How to Apply Visual Social Marketing to Product Images and Demos

By Krista Neher

Regardless of the type of business you’re in, you can use visual social marketing to share a wide variety of images — of all types — to bring your message to life. The key to success is variety — mix up your pictures to appeal to different audiences.

How to use product images with visual social marketing

If you have a business that has a physical product, product images can be good assets for visual social marketing. Consider using images of your most popular, interesting, or unique products.

Rather than share only traditional, professional product photos, mix up your image strategy with images showing your product being used or taken in different settings.

You can view some product images that are shared on social networks.


How to use product demos with visual social marketing

If you have an amazing product that performs better than people would expect, a product demo video can be an interesting way to generate new customers. Product demo videos show your product in action.

Many studies have shown that for certain types of products, demo videos can lead to higher sales. People can see the product being used and witness the results.

Most product demo videos are short — less than a minute is ideal (if possible). You don’t have to show every step of your product being used; simply show the highlights and results.

Check out these sample product-demo videos: