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How to Apply Visual Social Marketing to Data

By Krista Neher

Creating a visual element for a visual social marketing campaign typically takes more effort than simply updating your status. For example, creating an image of a statistic can take longer than simply tweeting that statistic.

How to apply visual social marketing to infographics

Infographics are visualizations of data — they’re custom graphic images, in a longer format, that tell a story or share data or information.

The idea behind infographics is that the use of visual elements to support storytelling can give your story more impact and make it more memorable and relevant. Plus, infographics are quite popular on social networks, and they can provide a lot of traffic to your website.

Create infographics as a way to share a story or longer-format information with your audience. If you have a shorter story to share, or if you don’t have enough information to create a full, long-format infographic, create a short-format infographic (no more than the height of a typical computer monitor) to visualize quick data points or a segment of the larger story.

You can see some sample long- and short-format infographics. To view these infographics in a larger format, go to Boot Camp Digital.


How to apply visual social marketing to statistics

Many businesses, especially those that market primarily to other businesses, struggle to come up with a creative image strategy. Statistics, especially those that surprise readers, can make useful content in your visual social marketing strategy.

Businesses of all types have interesting statistics that support their marketing and communications objectives. A restaurant might share how many potatoes it peels in a year. An IT company might share stats about how much productivity is lost from users experiencing computer problems.

A manufacturer might share statistics about how much of its product is consumed every year, or how much of a specific material it uses. A lawyer might share statistics about settlement values.

Regardless of your type of business, you can share a variety of interesting statistics to make your message “pop.” Look for internal and external industry statistics.

The key to sharing a good statistic is to make sure that it’s interesting. As you can see, the more interesting the “stat,” the more likely it is to be shared.