How to Add Audio to Visual Social Marketing SlideShare Presentations

By Krista Neher

To make your visual social marketing presentation stand out and truly tell your story, you may also add audio to it. You can then verbally give your presentation. Viewers will have the option to simply view the slides or to play the presentation with your audio. Audio can be added only after the presentation has been uploaded, and your audio file must be in MP3 format.

To add audio to a presentation you’ve already uploaded, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Audio tab when editing the presentation or during the upload process to upload an audio MP3 file.

    You may also choose to link to an MP3 file that’s already uploaded online by clicking on the link to an already uploaded MP3 audio file. SlideShare doesn’t allow you to upload music.

  2. After the audio is uploaded, use the SlideShare synchronization tool to match up the audio with the slides in the presentation.

    The slides are shown at the top of the screen, and the audio timeline is below them. Blue line markers indicate the beginning or end of each slide. Moving the blue marker forward or backward moves the slide transition forward or backward in the audio. For example, if you want Slide 1 to end earlier in the audio recording, drag the first blue line to the left.

    After you’re satisfied with the positioning of the end of Slide 1, click on Slide 2 in the slide show (above the blue marker lines) to activate the blue marker for the end of Slide 2. Drag the blue marker for the end of Slide 2 to the left or right to move it forward or backward in the audio.

    Continue this process for each slide until the ending of each slide matches the correct position in the audio.


  3. Review the presentation by moving the red marker to the beginning of the presentation.

    After adding audio, presentation viewers can play the presentation with the audio, and the slides automatically advance at the correct time. You can test this process in the audio synchronization tool by moving the red marker in the audio editing portion to the beginning of the presentation and pressing the red Play button at the bottom of the editor.

    A flashing red dot appears under the slide that’s now matched to the audio that’s playing. After you finish testing the audio, test that the audio and synchronization work correctly by viewing your presentation with the audio from your profile.