Cross-promote between Facebook, Twitter, and Your LBSs - dummies

Cross-promote between Facebook, Twitter, and Your LBSs

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

Encourage your customers to cross-post their check-ins from a location-based service (LBS), such as foursquare, to Facebook and Twitter. And be sure you link from your LBSs to your web-site, Facebook and Twitter pages. The more people who engage with your business, the better, and cross-promotion creates synergies between your media investments.

In some ways, Twitter is a better place to cross-post LBS check-ins than Facebook. Twitter is more searchable than Facebook and is less personal. If you want to reply to a customer, you don’t need to be following that customer first whereas on Facebook, you need to be “friends” with someone before you can post on their wall or in some cases, to see their updates.

Here are some specific ideas for promoting your location-based marketing efforts through other owned media.

  • Simply ask your customers to cross-post their check-ins.

    With services like Gowalla, you can write a greeting in advance that pops up when a customer checks in. Offer an incentive to cross-post — for example, 10 percent off any merchandise in your store for cross-posting a check-in.

    Consider a tiered offer that gives your customers something for checking in, something extra for checking in and cross-posting to Facebook, and something extra special for cross-posting to Facebook and Twitter.

  • Advertise in other venues besides social media destinations.

    Add a sign in your store, include details in the message customers hear when you put them on hold, in any of your brochures and printed marketing pieces, or even in your advertising, including your Yellow Pages submission.

  • Add a link to your foursquare or Gowalla page on Facebook or Twitter.

    Include links on your bio or background image.

  • Code your links into an application programming interface (API).

    You need some technical skills (or resources). APIs are readily available with a little searching.

    foursquare’s API to tra”/>
    This application uses foursquare’s API to track mileage for expense reports.

    Facebook includes iFrames, which allow you to pull in code from another site. Using iFrames in a feed from your web-site or directly from your LBS’s API can allow for some cool functionality.

    Because Twitter has a simpler interface than Facebook, you can’t get as fancy with APIs or iFrames. However, you can use the API to syndicate customer tips, photos, and even a change in mayor into your Twitter stream.

  • List your LBS efforts on your Facebook Info tab.

    Even if your customers don’t know what Gowalla, SCVNGR, or foursquare are, they can easily click to find that information.