Capturing Mobile Messaging Opt-Ins - dummies

Capturing Mobile Messaging Opt-Ins

By Michael Becker, John Arnold

Part of Mobile Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To stay on the right side of ethics, and the law, make sure that you’re sending marketing messages only to people who want to receive them. Try these techniques to get people to sign up, or opt-in, to receive ongoing mobile marketing messages from you:

  • Ask people to text a keyword such as join to your mobile short code.

  • Place mobile sign-up forms on your Web sites and social media pages.

  • Ask people to text a photo of your product to your short code.

  • Conduct a text-messaging survey and ask participants to join before or after the survey is complete.

  • Include your mobile signup information on your business cards.

  • Announce your mobile signup information at trade shows and events.

  • Text a signup link to people who call you (ask for permission first).

  • Offer an incentive — such as a free download — for joining.

  • Pay someone to collect e-mail addresses in person at marketing events.

  • Ask people to share your sign-up information with friends and colleagues.

  • Include a mobile sign-up URL (such as in your advertising.