Basic Video Marketing Tactics - dummies

Basic Video Marketing Tactics

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

A strong video marketing strategy deserves strong action. You can add video to your marketing arsenal in several tactical ways. Consider adding these basic video tactics to your box of tools:

  • Run commercials: Advertising is by far the most common and most effective use of video — even on the Internet. Identify the pain felt by your customers, and demonstrate why your solution will best solve their problems. Done well, these types of videos still show the highest and best return on investment.

  • Educate your public: Whether you’re teaching about your products or your industry, people search the web to learn. Educational videos give you a chance to show how smart you are and show why people should listen to what you have to say. Done well, these videos provide business process efficiency and can attract buyers.

  • Create a video blog: Posts on your video blog, or vlog, are effective ways to attract people to your site and maintain their interest. Subject matter experts can use video in creative ways to teach and entertain an audience while also pushing their products or services. A video blog is a good way to update your constituency about news and events taking place at your company.

  • Host a webinar: People love to learn, and a webinar is an efficient and effective way to teach. Whether you stream video live or record a live event for later broadcast, an educational and compelling webinar can attract hundreds of prospects and convert them to buyers.

  • Take advantage of video production activity: The process of making videos can itself be beneficial to your company. Involving everyone in the scripting process forces them to carefully contemplate company messaging. The production process is useful for team building and for developing culture and leadership.

Video marketing is an active process. Everyone in the company can somehow participate. The more people you involve with your videos, the more people you have to enthusiastically promote them to the world.