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5 Types of Visual Social Marketing Videos to Create

By Krista Neher

Many businesses and organizations struggle when getting started with video marketing, because they aren’t sure what types of videos they can create. Businesses and organizations of any type can create appealing videos for visual social marketing.

Tips to create explainer visual social marketing videos

An explainer video focuses on explaining a topic, and it’s often animated. Businesses that offer complex products or unique functionality often use this type of video to communicate with their audiences.

An explainer video generally generates most of its views from the website it’s displayed on. Because the objective is to explain the product, service, or organization, this video is typically displayed on the home page or product page on a website. An explainer video, which aims to simplify a concept, is typically less than three minutes long.

If you want to showcase your company, product, or service, shoot an explanatory video to describe how you operate and why you’re different from your competition.

Check out these sample explainer videos:

To find explainer videos, search YouTube for the video’s title.

Tips to create behind the scenes visual social marketing videos

A behind-the-scenes video gives people a glimpse of activities and processes and other interesting events that may be going on behind the scenes of a company. If you’re interested in creating this type of video, be sure that you have an interesting and unique topic to share.

Some of the best behind-the-scenes videos show how complex products, services, or events are created. These videos give people insight into what it takes to do so.

Behind-the-scenes videos are typically short, less than three minutes; however, videos that showcase particularly interesting topics can justifiably be longer.

Here are some sample behind-the-scenes videos:

Tips to create interview visual social marketing videos

Interviewing people is an engaging way to make an interesting video quickly. Interviewees can range from employees to industry experts and from celebrities to customers to suppliers and more. Anyone with an interesting story or relevant content to share can make an absorbing interview.

The key to creating a successful interview video is to ensure that the interviewee has interesting information to share that your audience will find valuable. Long personal stories or shameless plugs for a product or service usually don’t work well.

As with other types of videos, the best interview videos are normally short and last less than five minutes. You may need to edit a video if the interviewee is long-winded. Stick to quick questions and concise answers (from two to five sentences).

Here are a few sample interview videos:

Tips to create educational visual social marketing videos

Connecting with your target audience by way of education is a useful way to build your brand equity and awareness. By educating people on your products, or subject areas related to your product, you can build deeper relationship with your target audience. This strategy can require that you educate customers or create general educational assets.

An educational video provides clear value to the viewer because it teaches the viewer something. Many people search on YouTube for educational videos, so a clear demand for educational content exists on video sharing sites. Informative educational videos can generate lots of views on sites such as YouTube.

When creating educational videos, take as long as necessary to clearly educate your audience. As with any video, shorter is better, but when you create educational videos, you have more latitude to make them longer because people are usually interested in, and committed to, understanding the subject area.

Here are some sample educational videos:

Tips to create promotional visual social marketing videos

A promotional video can be a helpful way to promote your business, product, or service. Promotional videos can be useful on your website because they can further enhance the experience that visitors have there and lead to their making more purchases.

Offering videos on websites can substantially increase conversion rates (the percentage of people who buy) on your site. For example, online retailer StacksandStacks.com reported that visitors were 144% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video than those who did not.

Promotional videos can also be funny or entertaining. They work for businesses of all types and sizes, including those that sell to other businesses and consumers.

Make promotional videos short and to the point. The best ones last less than two minutes, but use as much or little time as you need to make your point.

Here are some sample promotional videos: