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5 Best Practices for a Visual Social Marketing Vine Video

By Krista Neher

Creating appealing Vines for visual social marketing campaigns can be simple or complicated. Some Vine users spend days creating complex, stop-motion animations, though other popular Vine videos take only seconds to create. The key to success on Vine is having a good video concept and a plan for how to bring it to life in a maximum of six seconds.

Creating an inviting video starts with a clear plan. Follow these steps:

  1. Determine the purpose and idea for the video.

    Start by knowing why you’re creating the video, and make sure that it’s a topic that your audience will be interested in. The video concept should appeal to your audience and provide something valuable, useful, interesting, entertaining, educational, or noteworthy.

  2. Plan out your six seconds.

    After you come up with the concept for the video, plan the frames for the six seconds. Because you have limited time, it’s extremely important to know what shots you need to capture and plan out how long each one can last.

  3. Evaluate audio.

    Vine records audio, too. Audio can be tricky with Vine, especially when a video is made up of many different shots. If you aren’t planning any specific audio, try to shoot with a quiet background so that the noise doesn’t become a distraction. Also, you can prevent Vine from accessing your camera’s microphone if you want to omit audio.

  4. Gather all necessary materials.

    If you need props, lighting, or a tripod, gather everything you need before you start shooting. Taking long breaks between shots can make the video look choppy, and the video can also be affected by lighting or other environmental changes.

  5. Shoot!

    After you have planned your shots and assembled the props and actors (if you have them), start shooting!

In addition to planning your video, follow a few other helpful tips when creating fabulous vines:

  • Avoid camera shake by using a tripod. Even engaging videos can be distracting because the camera is shaking. Invest in a small tripod for your mobile device to smooth out your video.

  • Prevent lighting from being a distraction. Shadows or bright lights can become quite distracting. Pay attention to the lighting to ensure that you’re capturing the best possible video.

  • Use a microphone for audio. Nothing ruins a video like terrible audio. You can purchase a number of microphones for smartphones and tablets to improve the audio quality. Consider using a microphone if the video has lots of audio.

  • Keep it simple. Keep your vine concept and video simple. You have only six seconds, so complex messages don’t usually do well. Shorten your message to make it fit, and don’t try to overcommunicate or make longer content fit into six seconds.