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Green Commercial Kitchens for Your Food Truck

By Richard Myrick

Most commercial kitchens use excessive amounts of water and energy, and many followers of the food truck industry are becoming increasingly aware of a kitchen’s impact on the environment. Since its inception, the mobile food industry has been an active participant in the movement to improve environmental sustainability. Therefore, finding earth-friendly commercial kitchens can be a responsible and smart business strategy as a food truck owner.

The amount of energy and water used, along with the waste produced in the creation of food, makes the food service industry one of the least sustainable. A food truck’s commercial kitchen pollutes the air, water, and soil simply by being used. Finding a kitchen that’s gone green helps you reduce your impact on the environment.

Although you may not receive the direct cost savings involved in a green commercial kitchen, you may receive the indirect benefits. By finding a commercial kitchen that has a green rating, your rents may be smaller than those being offered by other kitchens.

If you do find a commercial kitchen that hasn’t achieved a green rating, you may try to talk the owner into striving for a green rating by pointing out some of the benefits he would receive with the rating, including the following:

  • Lower energy bills: An upgrade to energy-efficient equipment can almost halve energy usage, and local governments and utility companies around the country offer substantial rebates for consumers purchasing Energy Star–qualified equipment.

  • Lower water bills: Taking steps to conserve water can save the kitchen owner a large amount of money on utility bills.

  • Reduced air pollution: Using green cleaning supplies and lowering energy consumption can greatly reduce the amount of harmful emissions indirectly caused at your commercial kitchen.

  • Reduced landfill usage: The consistent creation of waste produced at commercial kitchens not only takes up space in landfills but also contaminates air, water, and soil.

  • Less water usage: Fresh water supply is being rapidly depleted, causing some states to declare water shortages. Using a kitchen with water-saving equipment and policies can greatly reduce your water usage.

If you’re looking for a green commercial kitchen, ask the kitchen owner to provide you with proof of its green certification. There are organizations that provide guidelines and certifications to each kitchen. The following provide the standards for those looking to make the necessary changes to go green: