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Good Reasons to Start a Home-Based Business

By Consumer Dummies

When you start a home‐based business, you may be leaving behind the relative comfort and security of a regular career or 9‐to‐5 job and venturing out on your own. Or you may be entering the world of work again after devoting many years of your life to raising a family. How far out you venture on your own depends on the kind of home‐based business you get involved in.

For example, many franchises provide extensive support and training, and franchisees (the people buying the franchise opportunities — you, for example) are able to seek advice from experienced franchisees or from the franchisor (the party selling a franchise opportunity) when they need it. This support can be invaluable if you’re new to the world of home‐based business.

At the other end of the spectrum, some business opportunities offer little or no support whatsoever. If you’re a dealer in synthetic motor oil, for example, you may have trouble getting the huge, multinational conglomerate that manufactures the oil to return your calls, much less send you some product brochures. And you won’t find any training or extensive, hands‐on support if you run into the inevitable snags, either.

So, here’s the good news about starting and running your own home‐based business:

  • You’re the boss. For many owners of home‐based businesses, just being their own boss is reason enough to justify making the move out of the 9‐to‐5 work world.

  • You get all the benefits of your hard work. When you make a profit, it’s all yours. No one is going to try to take it away from you (except, perhaps, the tax man).

  • You have the flexibility to work when and where you want. Are you a night owl? Perhaps your most productive times don’t coincide with the standard 9‐to‐5 work schedule that most regular businesses require their employees to adhere to. And you may find that — because interruptions from co‐workers are no longer an issue and the days of endless meetings are left far behind — you’re much more productive working in your own workshop than in a regular office. With your own home‐based business, you get to decide when and where you work.

  • You get to choose your clients and customers. The customers may always be right, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with the ones who mistreat you or give you more headaches than they’re worth. When you own your own business, you can fire the clients you don’t want to work with. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

  • You can put as much or as little time into your business as you want to. Do you want to work for only a few hours a day or week? No problem. Ready for a full‐time schedule or even more? Great! The more effort you put into your business, the more money you can make. As a home‐based business owner, you get to decide how much money you want to make and then pick out the kind of schedule that will help you meet your goal.

These reasons to start your own home business are just the tip of the iceberg. But when you add up everything, you’re left with one fundamental reason for owning your own home‐based business: freedom.