Create a Google+ Business Profile - dummies

By Shannon Belew, Joel Elad

Much has been written about the importance of using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your business. Other social media sites, such as Google+, are just as important.

You might be wondering why you would need a Google+ account if you’re already on Facebook. Here are some reasons to consider spending some time with Google+:

  • Improve your search engine results. When it comes to Internet searching, Google continues to dominate the market share. Because your Google+ content resides on Google’s own servers, that content is easy to find. When you create Google+ content for your business page, it receives a unique URL and can show up in Google search results independent of your website. Even your own Google+ personal profile can show up in search results, and help guide customers to your business presence.

  • Integrate with other Google resources. When your business is on Google+, you will begin to see a lot of integration with other Google resources, such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google Webmaster Tools. For example, your YouTube videos will show up on your Google+ page, creating extra exposure.

  • Establish your local business with Google Local. If you have a local business, especially with a physical (bricks-and-mortar) presence, you need to create a presence on Google+ so that your business shows up when people search for local results. When your business appears in someone’s search result, your Google+ business page will be displayed as well.

  • Take advantage of Google+ communities. Google+ hosts a variety of communities with active participation, so take the time to connect with people about their passion or create a private community where your customers, vendors, employees, and fans can discuss business matters.

When you’re ready to create a Google+ business page, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google+ in your web browser.

  2. Log in to your Google account.

    Or create an account if you don’t have one. You see the screen of category choices shown in the figure.


  3. Choose a category that best fits your business.

  4. Follow the prompts based on the chosen category.

    For example, if you chose the Company, Institution, or Organization option, you then choose a specific category, such as Retail.

  5. Create a name for your Google+ page and link back to your business website.

    In the boxes provided (see the figure), type a name that describes your business or the goal of the page. Be sure to put a link to your business website in the List Your External Website box.


  6. Select the check box to agree to the page terms, and then click the red Continue button to create your page.

    You see your newly created page, along with a pop-up window in which Google offers to guide you through the steps you should take to completely fill out your Google+ page.

  7. Click the blue Get Started button and follow the prompts to provide as much information as possible.

    The more information you enter, the more easily customers can find you when they search.