Why Business Continuity Matters - dummies

Why Business Continuity Matters

By The Cabinet Office

Part of Business Continuity For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Even the best businesses can suffer disruptions and emergencies. Even if you didn’t cause the problem, you may have to sort it out, so it makes sense to be prepared. Business continuity:

  • Provides practical methods to help you identify threats to your business, assess potential impacts, mitigate adverse consequences and deal with disruptions if they do occur.

  • Is about making your business resilient and safeguarding the interests of everyone who has a stake in it. It helps you get on with producing the goods and delivering the services that your business is built on, even in adversity.

  • Need not be costly or complex – some straightforward steps can make a real difference and half a day’s planning costs a lot less than half a day’s lost output.

  • Communicate effectively with customers, suppliers and the media, as well as with your own staff and other responders.

  • Manage your resources if the disruption takes longer to fix than you anticipated.

  • Keep your staff safe, your operations legal, and enable you to defend your actions if you ever need to.

  • Get back to normal business, recover and learn lessons.