Understanding What Makes a Business Plan Work - dummies

Understanding What Makes a Business Plan Work

Part of Business Plans For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

If you’re just getting your business off the ground, then making projections for the months or years ahead can seem rather like betting on the horses. However, you have to start somewhere. You probably have a good idea of what you want your business to become, but how do you make your idea a reality?

You start with:

  • Plans: A mission, a vision, goals and objectives that all work together

  • Organisation: A structure for your business that makes sense.Procedures: Efficient and effective ways of doing things

  • Leadership: The ability to influence and encourage others around you

  • Skills: The talents and expertise your people need to succeed

  • Culture: Beliefs and attitudes that lead to doing the right thing.

And you make sure you include the following major parts of a successful business plan:

  • Executive summary

  • General overview

  • Business environment

  • Business description

  • Business strategy

  • Financial review