Five Great Web Sites for Setting Up a Canadian Small Business

Part of Canadian Small Business Kit For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Internet provides a wealth of great Canadian resources to help you start, run, and carry on your small business. The following Web sites may be particularly helpful to you.

  1. Canada Business

    Get government and general business information on topics such as starting a business, writing a business plan, finding financing, marketing, exporting, and being an employer. There’s a CBSC (Canada Business Service Centre) for every province and territory, and they are designed for use by start-up entrepreneurs in any field.

  2. Industry Canada

    Search for information about specific business sectors. For each business sector there are also links to company directories, contacts, industry events, and statistics.

  3. The Yellow Pages

    Look for suppliers for your business in a particular business sector and/or geographic area. Let your fingers do the walking (across your keyboard instead of through the phone book)!

  4. TopTen Reviews

    Can’t decide which computer printer to buy? Don’t know which accounting software package to choose? Check out reviews for these and many other small business products and services. Their slogan is “We do the research so you don’t have to.”

  5. Resources for Managing Your Business – RBC Royal Bank

    Get information about many general business topics such as starting, managing, financing, and growing a business. Or use “The Big Idea,” an online guide through the steps of developing a business plan.