5 Great Websites for Setting Up a Canadian Small Business - dummies

5 Great Websites for Setting Up a Canadian Small Business

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The Internet provides a wealth of great Canadian resources to help you start, run, and carry on your small business. The following Web sites may be particularly helpful to you.

  • Canada Business: Get government and general business information on topics such as starting a business, hiring employees, writing a business plan, finding financing, marketing, exporting, and being an employer. There’s a CBSC (Canada Business Service Centre) for every province and territory, and they are designed for use by start-up entrepreneurs in any field.

Website of Royal Bank of Canada

  • Resources for Managing Your Business – RBC Royal Bank: Get information about many general business topics such as starting, managing, financing, and growing a business. This site also has a page for female entrepreneurs. The RBC website has its own Resource Centre for businesses to guide you through the steps of developing a business plan. It even provides sample business plans for several different types of businesses. All other Canadian banks have similar resources on their websites.
  • Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada: Search for information about specific business sectors. For each business sector there are also links to company directories, contacts, industry events, and statistics.
  • The Yellow Pages: Look for suppliers for your business in a particular business sector and/or geographic area. Let your fingers do the walking (across your keyboard instead of through the phone book)!
  • Feedspot’s Top 100 Marijuana Blogs, Websites, and Newsletters: A worldwide list of the top 100 cannabis websites, newsletters, and blogs can be found here. This is a great resource to get to know the cannabis sector as a whole and specific components within it.