Business Marketing Plan: Your Internet Presence - dummies

Business Marketing Plan: Your Internet Presence

By Steven D. Peterson, Peter E. Jaret, Barbara Findlay Schenck

In this day and age, no business marketing plan can overlook the importance of online communication. In fact, by a long shot, the Internet is the starting point for most people searching for information on people, products, and businesses. And if they can’t find you online, in many cases they simply won’t look further.

In the marketing strategy section of your business plan, outline your program for heightening Internet presence by covering the following points:

  • The address and purpose of your business website

    If you don’t have a website for your business, describe sites where customers can locate your business, such as the Chamber of Commerce site, industry sites, local media sites, social media pages, and so on.

  • Keywords that you use throughout your website to increase rankings in web search results

  • A description of how your business uses social media and online networking to develop and deepen customer relationships, including which networks and your goals for each

  • A summary of how you drive traffic to your site through online advertising, incoming links, and self-promotion, including estimated approaches and costs for online customer acquisition and conversion of site visitors to customers

  • A description of how you use e-newsletters, e-mail promotions, and ongoing online contacts for inexpensive contact with established customers, and how you use social media networks for building business and customer networks, customer interaction, and brand awareness

Online presence is now a minimum standard for business communication. Customers and associates view your online presence as an indication of your ability to stay current in the marketplace and in constant communication with your customers. Be sure that your marketing plan includes a blueprint for your Internet communication strategy. Include a summarized statement of that strategy in the marketing section of your business plan.