Assign Staff Responsibilities According to the Business Plan - dummies

Assign Staff Responsibilities According to the Business Plan

By Steven D. Peterson, Peter E. Jaret, Barbara Findlay Schenck

After you’ve structured your organization according to your fully developed business plan, your next task is to assign duties and responsibilities to your key people. You may have made many or most of those assignments already, at least for your top management team, if not for all employees.

Even so, take time to review your assignments against your business plan. Be sure these assignments are closely aligned with your major goals and objectives, because if the work of your key employees isn’t directly tied to your company’s goals, it is highly unlikely that those goals will get accomplished.

See how a secretarial-services company matched the duties and responsibilities assigned to key employees with the company’s business goals and objectives.


By assigning responsibility for major goals and objectives, the company significantly improves the odds that its action plan will be carried out. What’s more, the assignment chart confirms that senior managers will work closely together to accomplish the plan — supporting the company’s decision to adopt a relatively flat, flexible management structure.

As a bonus, the assignment chart provides visual guidelines the company can see and follow as it writes detailed job descriptions for key managers.