3 Tips for Social Media Marketing - dummies

By Greg Holden

Social media marketing drives customers to your business, builds loyalty, and encourages purchases among frequent visitors or returning customers who’ve already purchased from you. In the process, you gain website traffic and earned attention rather than paid for attention. Connecting with people who “like” you and do business with you is crucial. To attract attention and encourage customers and visitors to share you within their social networks, utilize these techniques in your social media marketing program:

  • Drive customers to your content on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Include links to these sites on your home page, on your blog, in your e-mail signature file, in your mailing list or newsletter, and anywhere you connect with your customers.

  • Give people a reason to visit you. Provide some content on social networking sites that customers can’t get anywhere else. Post photos of your staff in action, of new products, or other promotional materials. Hold contests that get customers involved and talking to you. Knowing what to post is a matter of knowing your customers and what they are interested in.

  • Post frequently, monitor constantly, and talk back. Whenever someone takes the time to respond to you in a social media site, regard it as a gift. Be sure to respond. Provide advice or answers if needed. Be courteous and prompt when dealing with complaints.

Remember that customers who visit you are interested in — and watching — what you do. If they see that you are responsive and value them, they’ll be more likely to patronize you in the future. Ideally, you’ll get customers talking to each other and sharing your photos or posts with their social networking friends, who will check out what you have to offer, too.