How to Find a News Angle to Promote Your Nonprofit Fundraiser - dummies

How to Find a News Angle to Promote Your Nonprofit Fundraiser

By Stan Hutton, Frances Phillips

Think about all the angles you can exploit for publicity. Try to look at your nonprofit event from the point of view of every section of a newspaper or newscast. Modify your basic news release to suit the content of appropriate newspaper and magazine section editors, producers of radio feature shows, and TV newsrooms. Follow up your e-mailed release with a phone call. A few possibilities include:

  • Entertainment section coverage of performers. You may be able to arrange interviews between your special guests and local entertainment reporters.

  • Business section coverage of your event chair or honoree. Many papers run a column highlighting the activities of local business and corporate leaders.

  • Feature stories about the community improvements that your agency has helped to bring about or human interest stories about individuals who have benefited from its services.

  • Food section coverage of your picnic lunch or the gourmet food trucks serving guests at your outdoor benefit concert.

  • Health advice connected to your event. If your organization is sponsoring a 10K run, what’s the current advice about dietary preparation for long-distance running? If local celebrities or unusual teams (for example, six cousins, or all the elementary school’s teachers) have signed up, a local paper or news station might interview them in advance.

  • Society page coverage of your honorees, event committee members, or other guests at your event.

  • Radio broadcast of your honoree or guest speaker’s speech.

  • Fashion page or television coverage of attire worn to your gala.