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Tips for SEO in Your Social CRM Blog Content

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

Search engine optimization is a topic that many businesses would like to ignore. SEO is frustrating because it’s a moving target and, even with Social CRM, there’s no one right way to do everything. But you can’t ignore SEO because search-engine friendly content enables people to find your blog content. Showing up on social media channels when and where customers have a need is critical to a social CRM strategy.

In SEO, the greatest concern is the keywords you place in each post. For example, Google will help users find your posts if the keywords correspond to searches that your potential customers run.

Google will also penalize you if you try to stuff your posts with keywords; repeating the same keywords over and over beyond their usefulness is just as bad as not using them at all. The key is to find the correct balance between including the keywords that are needed for SEO versus making the post seem overstuffed with the same words.

Your company probably has a defined list of major keywords that everyone uses. However, when you’re writing a blog post, you will also want to add keywords that are specific to that post to encourage traffic. If your post mentions specific industry leaders or company products, include them as keywords for that particular post. That way, people who search for those specific names will find you through that post.

Following are some tools to help you find the right keywords while you’re writing your content:

  • Scribe: This tool is for writers of content of any kind. For a fee, it evaluates keywords, analyzes your titles and text, and helps you build backlinks, which are links that others place on their blogs that link back to your post.

  • InboundWriter: This tool uses web research to help post creators write their content. It’s available in both a free and fee-based version. Among the great InboundWriter features is a tool that grades your content as you write it. You can see if you have the right balance of keywords and a title that will work for SEO.


One keyword trick that some bloggers use to attract readers is to tie a post to a celebrity’s name or major event. It’s come to be known as newsjacking. For example, if Lady Gaga is in the news, a blogger might create a post entitled, “What you can learn about marketing from Lady Gaga” and include her name as one of the keywords.

When someone searches for her name, that post may come up. The problem with this trick is that you will also be seen by lots of people who have no interest in your post, but it’s a way to get immediate traffic.