The Four Pillars of Business NLP - dummies

The Four Pillars of Business NLP

By Lynne Cooper

Part of Business NLP For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Business NLP requires you to do some things that you may not be doing currently. These key points are summarised in the ‘Four Pillars of Business NLP’, which are:

  • Setting your goal. Know exactly what you want, in any situation. Once you have outcomes you stop thinking about the problems to overcome and focus on the future.

  • Using your senses. Pay close attention to the world around you. As you develop your sensory awareness find out much more about how you and others act and react – and make productive change.

  • Behaving flexibly. Keep on changing what you do until you get what you want, and remember, the path that leads to realising your goals is not always a straight one.

  • Building relationships. Others contribute to you achieving what you want in life. As you learn how to create and deepen rapport you’ll discover even more success.