Logical Levels of Change in Business NLP - dummies

Logical Levels of Change in Business NLP

By Lynne Cooper

Part of Business NLP For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Logical Level model in Business NLP contains a number of different levels, and a hierarchy which illustrates the relationship between the parts. Change can happen at one or more of six levels:

  • The environment level describes the situation. This level answers the questions where? when? and with whom?

  • The behaviour level refers to what people say and do within the environment. It answers the question what?

  • The capabilities level includes the skills and knowledge that direct people’s behaviour in the environment. This answers the question how?

  • The beliefs and values level encompasses those things that are true and important to people within the situation. They answer the question why?

  • The identity level is people’s sense of self or their roles. It answers the question who?

  • The purpose level is about how people connect to something bigger than themselves. It answers the question what for?