Ten Great Ways for Managers to Motivate Employees - dummies

Ten Great Ways for Managers to Motivate Employees

Part of Management For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Of course, employees need pay rises, but they also need personal thanks and recognition when they do well. Following is the top ten list of motivators for today’s employees:

  • Personally thank employees for doing a good job – one to one, in writing or both. Do it promptly, often and sincerely.

  • Be willing to take time to meet with and listen to employees – as much time as they need or want.

  • Provide specific feedback about performance of the employee, the department and the organisation.

  • Strive to create a work environment that’s open, trusting and fun. Encourage new ideas and initiative.

  • Provide information about new products and strategies, how the company makes and loses money and how each employee fits into the overall plan.

  • Involve employees in decisions, especially those that affect them.

  • Encourage employees to feel a sense of ownership of and identity with their work and their work environment.

  • Create a partnership with each employee. Give people a chance to grow and learn new skills. Show them how you can help them meet their goals within the context of meeting the organisation’s goals.

  • Celebrate successes of the company, the department and the individuals in it. Take time for team- and morale-building meetings and activities.

  • Use performance as the basis for recognising, rewarding and promoting people. And make sure that you recognise and reward everyone who performs well, regardless of their job or occupation.