Making a Job Offer - dummies

By Marc Bishop, Sharon Crooks

Part of HR for Small Business For Dummies Cheat Sheet, UK Edition

If you verbally offer someone a job and they accept, the offer is legally binding. Always make a job offer conditional on checking references and the person having permission to work in the UK.

You must follow up in writing to an employee outlining the key terms of their employment, within eight weeks of their start date.

There are certain terms you must specify to employees when offering them a job. The following table outlines these terms.

Term Content
Names of the parties Full name of the employer and the employee
Effective date The date the employment started, and whether any previous
employment will count towards continuous service.
Place of work Location of primary work and any requirement to travel to other
Pay Rate of pay, and frequency and method of payment
Hours of work Hours per week/working cycle and which are normal working
Holiday Holiday entitlement, including reference to public holidays.
Detail of how holiday build up is calculated.
Notice period Notice from you and from the employee, during probation period
and after it. Must be at least statutory minimum of one week per
year of service up to a maximum of 12 weeks.
Manager/ reporting to Reporting relationship in the organisation
Sick pay Rate of pay for sickness absence, rules about how to qualify,
must include at least a reference to Statutory Sick Pay.
Collective Agreements Refer to any agreements in place, (usually negotiated by a
trade union) or confirm if there are none.
Working outside the UK Confirm there is no requirement, a requirement for up to a
month, or a requirement for the person to work outside the UK for
more than a month and if so, what the pay arrangements will
Pension Confirm at least basic details of pension plans, auto
enrollment procedures, and opting out rules.
Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures and Dismissal Details of the procedure you will follow or a reference to
following statutory procedures.