Leading Your Team with Meetings that Work - dummies

Leading Your Team with Meetings that Work

By Marilee B. Sprenger

Part of The Leadership Brain For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Many employees (and leaders) have a bad feeling about meetings, but productive meetings serve many important purposes. You can lead your meetings more effectively when you follow a few guidelines:

  • Always start on time. Let your people know that you value their presence and their time.

  • Have an agenda. The perfect agenda would be one that the entire team put together, but that may be impossible. Important items may come up prior to the meeting. Let the team review the agenda and help prioritize the items.

  • Allow everyone the opportunity to contribute. If employees know they are encouraged to speak, they’re more likely to pay attention and become involved.

  • Include celebrations. Every meeting should include something to celebrate — high production, good performance, satisfying a client, completing a training or even a birthday. Celebrations add fun and motivate employees.

  • Follow-up with conversations or correspondence. Utilize e-mail, blogs, newsletters, and so on to keep your vision and the company’s goals in everyone’s minds.

  • Build relationships. Meetings are an opportunity for people to interact, which is particularly important if some of them work more at computers than face to face. Share personal and professional stories to build trust and bond.