Leading a High Performing Team - dummies

By John Marrin

Part of Leadership For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Take the lead in building your colleagues into a high performing team that continually achieves its objectives. Become a great leader of a great team by doing the following:

  • Clarify and convey your team’s purpose, and how the whole team and individual team members add value to your company or organisation.

  • Create and share your vision of how you see your team working in the future.

  • Set high standards, and encourage everyone in your team to achieve them.

  • Build people up by catching them doing things right and praising them for their contribution.

  • Promptly challenge anyone whose performance or behaviour is unacceptable, and support them to bridge the performance gap.

  • Focus team members on improving the team’s processes as well as on achieving objectives.

  • Hold regular individual and team reviews to identify good practices and continually enhance the capabilities and performance of each person and your whole team.

  • Celebrate achievements and success.