Defining Organisational Behaviour - dummies

Defining Organisational Behaviour

By Cary L. Cooper, Sheena Johnson, Lynn Holdsworth

Part of Organisational Behaviour For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Organisational behaviour and work psychology have similar ideas and aims. Both involve looking at the ways in which people behave at work and what this behaviour means for organisations.

Organisational behaviour topics range from those that look at employee- and employer-based issues (such as employee attitudes and leadership styles) and more general areas that all organisations are involved in (such as selection and training).

Some basic themes that organisational behaviour covers include    

  • Applying knowledge at work based on what you know about how people act at work

  • Appreciating how people affect each other at work

  • Studying how people, individuals, and groups act at work

  • Understanding how people are affected by work

  • Using organisational behaviour principles to improve an organisation’s effectiveness and productivity