Using the NLP Four-Point Formula for Business Success - dummies

Using the NLP Four-Point Formula for Business Success

Part of Business Skills All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

You can apply this neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) formula for success to both long-term and short-term goals. So, whether you simply want to hold a productive meeting or are planning the holiday of a lifetime, here’s the quick way to hit your target:

  1. Know your outcome.

    Specifying precisely what you want is vital. You can use the outcome frame to fine-tune the desired outcome and satisfy the well-formedness conditions.

  2. Take action.

    Unless you take that first step, and then the following ones, nothing happens to help you towards your outcomes, no matter how clearly they’re defined.

  3. Have sensory awareness.

    If you have the awareness to see, hear and feel what isn’t working, you can modify your behaviour to steer you towards your desired outcome.

  4. Have behavioural flexibility.

    This point ties in beautifully with the NLP presupposition that ‘In interactions among people, the person with the most flexibility of behaviour can control the interaction.’ Or you can say, ‘If it ain’t working, do something different.’