Sharpening Your Business Rapport in Seven Quick Ways - dummies

Sharpening Your Business Rapport in Seven Quick Ways

Part of Business Skills All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Rapport is the foundation of valuable relationships and is key to your success in your interactions with others in business. Here are some ways to help you build rapport fast:

  • Take a genuine interest in getting to know what’s important to someone with whom you want to build rapport. Start to understand that person rather than expecting the person to understand you first.

  • Pick up on the key words, favourite phrases and manner of speaking that someone uses, and then build these items subtly into your own conversation with that person.

  • Notice how someone likes to handle information. Does the person like lots of details or just the big picture? As you speak to the person, feed back information in this same portion size.

  • Breathe in unison with the other person.

  • Look out for someone’s intention – the underlying aim – instead of what the person does or says. People may not always get things right, but expect their heart to lie in the right place.

  • Adopt a similar stance to the other person in terms of your body language, gestures, voice tone and speed of talking.

  • Respect someone’s time, energy, favourite people and money. They’re important resources for that person.