Questions for the Different Stages of Performance Coaching - dummies

Questions for the Different Stages of Performance Coaching

By Gladeana McMahon, Averil Leimon

Part of Performance Coaching Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Applying the right questions to the appropriate times at which to ask them is a key skill required for successful performance coaching. Use this table to guide you.

Stage Sample questions Purpose
Stage 1: Agreeing Aims What are you trying to achieve? Clear objectives
When are you going to do it? Agreed dates
How will you know you have succeeded? Measurement
Stage 2: Awareness What is happening now? Clear picture of current actions
What have you done so far? Review of relevant achievements, however slight
What are the consequences? Effect of current actions
What do you want to be different? Where your colleague is and where he wants to be
Stage 3: Analysis What can you change? Identify possibilities
What are the options? Broaden vision
How can you change it? Seek solutions
What are the risks? Evaluate choices
What are the barriers? Obstacles to overcome
Stage 4: Action What are you going to do? Clear action steps
Who is going to do what? Define responsibilities
When are you going to do it? Agree milestones
What do you need to help you? Determine support
Stage 5: Assessment What actually happened? Clarify outcomes
Was this what you wanted? Evaluate degree of success
What have you gained from this experience? Discoveries made
How can you improve? Establish further potential