How to Make Your Training Stand Out - dummies

How to Make Your Training Stand Out

By Elaine Biech

Part of Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

How do you set apart your training materials from information people can get online or at the library? Make your training memorable buy following these tips:

  • Create a supportive learning environment.

  • Let participants know how they will benefit from the training.

  • Find out what participants need and expect and fulfill that need/expectation.

  • Involve participants in the training from start to finish.

  • Show a high degree of respect for each participant.

  • Assure that the training mirrors the actual job situation.

  • Reinforce positive participant behavior with recognition and encouragement.

  • Put your heart into the training session. If you’re giving it your all, your trainees will, too.

  • Take a personal interest in each participant.

  • Allow participants to get to know each other.

  • Know and polish your communication and training style.