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How To Help Employees Meet Expectations

By Marilee B. Sprenger

Meeting expectations is a great accomplishment for every employee. Feeling in control is a great accomplishment for every employee’s brain. Leaders create opportunities for employees to make things happen and to make a difference in some of the following ways:

  • Delegate responsibility to your employees. Even if you think you can do a job better or faster, don’t.

  • Set the bar. Outline, define, draw, or tattoo the expectations and skills employees need to get the job done. Make them clear and specific, and be certain your employees can see how they contribute to the achievement of a goal.

  • Help employees visualize success using emotion, fact, and symbols.

  • Keep lines of communication open. Assure employees that they can ask any questions they may have along the way. Their input is important to you and to the success of the company. They may find a better way to reach your goals.

  • Allow for differences in intelligences and learning style. You may be better at visualizing and expect others to be able to see your picture, but some may get messages or get things done by listening, talking, or acting. Getting to the same place through different channels is perfectly acceptable.

  • Let employees know that you’re available to help them problem-solve. Show them that you are passionate about your company and want to help if they need it.

  • Celebrate the small successes. Growth can be slow and sometimes a little painful. Be the head cheerleader.

  • Celebrate when expectations are met. If you see room for more growth with just a little stretching, offer employees the opportunity to keep growing. Don’t diminish what has been accomplished, but show them that you always stretch yourself and that they may do so as well.

  • Be prepared to make changes. Good employees sometimes find themselves in the wrong place. If you can, offer options whenever an assigned project isn’t working for a particular person. People don’t excel in every situation or in every environment. Give yourself and your employee a chance to grow under different conditions.