For Managers: Coaching Customer Service - dummies

For Managers: Coaching Customer Service

Part of Customer Service For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To keep a high-level of commitment to great customer service, your staff needs constant support. Use these lessons as manager when you hold a staff meeting to get started:

  • Brainstorming. Pick a subject that all participants can relate to and discuss without falling into the trap of judging or evaluating what your staff members say.

  • Problem solving. Spend some time defining the problem. The more specific the problem description, the easier it is to settle on a solution.

  • Creating service enhancers. This meeting helps look closely at key customer moments of truth. It helps identify in what way those moments could be enhanced and then comes up with a plan for implementation.

  • Planning service recovery. By discussing predictable service failures and coming up with viable and agreed upon service initiative practices, staff members feel supported and encouraged to go the extra step with customers.

  • Listen and learn sessions. This meeting can be a challenge for many managers because it requires that you ask your staff service-delivery questions while listening to the feedback without arguing or defending your point of view.