Characteristics of Effective Training Visuals - dummies

Characteristics of Effective Training Visuals

By Elaine Biech

Part of Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Visuals are an effective training tool, but only when they enhance – not detract – from your training delivery. Use visuals in your training presentation according to these rules:

  • Visible: Words on visuals are large enough, and you don’t block the view.

  • Interesting: Oriented to the learner, visuals make use of pictures, graphs, color, and bullets.

  • Simple: Information is concise, and key concepts are highlighted.

  • Useful: Visuals help the trainer and the learner stay on track.

  • Accurate: Information on the visuals matches the participants’ materials.

  • Long-lasting: Visuals facilitate retention and help the learner transfer and apply concepts.