Multiple Point Systems and Why to Use Them in Gamification

By Kris Duggan, Kate Shoup

It may be that your gamification system will benefit from the use of a multiple point system. This system enables you to issue points for gameplay behaviors, directing them into different “buckets.” It depends on what gameplay behaviors you want to reward. In some cases, a point unit will contribute to real, extrinsic rewards. In other cases, it’ll simply be tied to rank, status, and reputation within a community.

Suppose your website awards gamers 100 points for sharing a review. The website assembles top-scoring gamers on a leaderboard and enables them to cash in points for, say, free shipping. If you have only one point system, cashing in points means sacrificing the gazer’s rank on the leaderboard, which is sure to frustrate gamers who enjoy their position near the top. Having a multiple point system solves this problem.

With a multiple point system, you could assign one set of gameplay points for redemption and tie another set to the user’s lifetime score and reputation.