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Java All-in-One For Dummies

By: Doug Lowe Published: 09-09-2020

Java—from first steps to first apps

Knowing Java is a must-have programming skill for any programmer. It’s used in a wide array of programming projects—from enterprise apps and mobile apps to big data, scientific, and financial uses. The language regularly ranks #1 in surveys of the most popular language based on number of developers, lines of code written, and real-world usage. It’s also the language of choice in AP Computer Science classes taught in the U.S. 

This guide provides an easy-to-follow path from understanding the basics of writing Java code to applying those skills to real projects. Split into eight minibooks covering core aspects of Java, the book introduces the basics of the Java language and object-oriented programming before setting you on the path to building web apps and databases.

• Get up to speed on Java basics

• Explore object-oriented programming

• Learn about strings, arrays, and collections

• Find out about files and databases

Step-by-step instructions are provided to ensure that you don't get lost at any point along the way.

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1 results
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Writing Java statements (like for and if) and classes (like Math and NumberFormat) help you start and build strong programs. Variables hold different kinds of Java data types: numbers, characters, and true/false numbers. You designate Java operations that can be performed on operands, including arithmetic operators, relational operators (or binary) and logical operators (or Boolean).

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