Investing in Cannabis For Dummies book cover

Investing in Cannabis For Dummies

By: Steven R. Gormley Published: 02-03-2021

Invest in one of the most exciting and booming industries available today

Investing in Cannabis For Dummies takes readers on an illuminating and whirlwind tour of the legal cannabis investment industry.  Written by a renowned expert in the world of cannabis, Steve Gormley (also known as the Cannabis Viking), this book provides an in-depth look at all aspects of publicly traded stocks (nationally and internationally) in the cannabis industry for medical or recreational use.

This book covers crucial topics for a firm understanding of investing in the cannabis industry, including:

  • How to evaluate the strength of a cannabis company
  • The differences between investing in public and private companies
  • Investing in different cannabis silos - from cultivation, oils, and edibles, to technology
  • Avoiding common scams and traps
  • Trading strategy tips

Investing in Cannabis for Dummies is perfect for those who want to get in near the ground floor of an industry experiencing a massive expansion due to cannabis legalization around North America, Canada, and around the globe.

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