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Statistics II For Dummies

By: Deborah J. Rumsey Published: 11-09-2021

Continue your statistics journey with this all-encompassing reference 

Completed Statistics through standard deviations, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing? Then you’re ready for the next step: Statistics II. And there’s no better way to tackle this challenging subject than with Statistics II For Dummies! Get a brief overview of Statistics I in case you need to brush up on earlier topics, and then dive into a full explanation of all Statistic II concepts, including multiple regression, analysis of variance (ANOVA), Chi-square tests, nonparametric procedures, and analyzing large data sets. By the end of the book, you’ll know how to use all the statistics tools together to create a great story about your data. 

For each Statistics II technique in the book, you get an overview of when and why it’s used, how to know when you need it, step-by-step directions on how to do it, and tips and tricks for working through the solution. You also find:  

  • What makes each technique distinct and what the results say 
  • How to apply techniques in real life 
  • An interpretation of the computer output for data analysis purposes 
  • Instructions for using Minitab to work through many of the calculations 
  • Practice with a lot of examples 

With Statistics II For Dummies, you will find even more techniques to analyze a set of data. Get a head start on your Statistics II class, or use this in conjunction with your textbook to help you thrive in statistics! 

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Statistics II elaborates on Statistics I and moves into new territories, including multiple regression, analysis of variance (ANOVA), Chi-square tests, nonparametric procedures, and other key topics. Knowing which data analysis to use and why is important, as is familiarity with computer output if you want your numbers to give you dependable results.

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