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Beginning iOS Programming For Dummies

This resource center is an addition to Beginning iOS Programming For Dummies, with bonus material created to help you better understand the concepts and techniques from the book. You can navigate to your desired content by selecting individual downloads or links below.

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Chapter 3 Source Code
Chapter 7 Source Code
All other Chapters Source Code
Bonus Chapter: Ten Illustrative Applications for iOS


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Chapter 1: Entering Mobile Application Development 7


iOS Frameworks

CoreOS Layer

Core Services

Media Layer

Chapter 2: Object-Oriented Design Principles 25

App Design Basics

Chapter 3: Effectively Using Objective-C 55

Apple Reference

C Language Book

C Language Reference

Instance variables at a class level

Foundation Framework Reference

Foundations Framework Functions

iOS Runtime Reference

Runtime Programming Guide

iOS Memory Management

Autorelease pools

Transitioning to ARC



Compiler directives

Chapter 4: Patterns and Frameworks 91

Core Data

Chapter 6: Developing an App on iOS 135

Dealing with App States

Application Delegate Protocol

The Settings App

NSUser Class Reference

Data Management in iOS


iOS Files Overview

Locating items in an app’s sandbox

Core Data Technology Overview

Core Data Programming Guide

Core Data Model Editor

Adding Core Data to an Existing Project

Address Book Programming






Handling JSON

Event Kit Programming

Chapter 7: Illustrating Object-Oriented iOS App Design 173

Storyboards and scenes

Chapter 8: Effectively Using Xcode 209

What’s New in Xcode

Working with Storyboards

Static Analyzer


Recovering snapshots

Git tutorial

Unix tools for Xcode

iOS Simulator


Chapter 9: Developing Your App’s User Interface 249

Windows and Views

First Responder

MVC in iOS

View controllers in iOS

iOS View Hierarchies

iOS Views


Action Messages

ioS UI Components


The Picker View

The UIPickerView class

Navigation controllers

Quartz 2-D Graphics

UI Guidelines

Chapter 10: Making Applications Fast and Responsive 277

John Bentley on Writing Efficient Programs

Basic iOS Performance Tips

Instruments Tuning Guide

Generating Random Numbers on iOS

Performance Tuning on iOS

Energy Diagnostics

Chapter 11: Making Your App Reliable and Secure 293

Automated Unit Tests

UI Automation

Dealing with App States

State Preservation and Restoration

Protecting Core Data

Cryptography in iOS

Keychain concepts

Setting a passcode


Chapter 12: Channeling the World Into Your Device 329


Chapter 13: Harnessing iOS Device Capabilities 345

Message UI Framework Reference Guide

Reachability Sample Code

The iOS AV Framework

The Property List (Info.plist) file


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