Mark Lauren

Mark Lauren is an internationally recognized expert in bodyweight training. For 15 years, he trained U.S. Special Forces as a military physical-training specialist. With Joshua Clark, he is coauthor of You Are Your Own Gym and Body By You. Joshua Clark is an international best-selling and award-winning author, editor, filmmaker, music producer and journalist.

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1 results
Calisthenics for Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet / Updated 12-01-2023

Calisthenics and bodyweight exercises are all you need to work out your entire body, whenever you want, wherever you want. Whether you’re an elite athlete or someone who hasn’t exercised in decades, calisthenics provide the quickest and most effective way to form your fitness foundation and build your peak physique. In fact, because most bodyweight exercises utilize your entire body, you can get a fantastic full body workout in just nine minutes! What’s different about calisthenics is that they don’t train you for a specific sport. They train you for life. Each workout helps prepare you for the muscular, joint, bone, and even mental stresses of life. That’s what real fitness does. Put simply, the more fit you are, the more you can move through life with ease.

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