Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher is a health and food blogger with a large-scale media presence on her website, The Fit Fork. She is also a personal trainer, recipe creator, and cooking coach. Jennifer is an ambassador for several health and wellness brands, including Texas Beef Council, National Watermelon Board, Great Lakes Wellness, and Get Set Up (a learning platform for active agers).

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1 results
Cooking For One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet / Updated 02-07-2023

Cooking for yourself is a skill anyone can do, whether you are 16 years old or 96 years old. Making your own meals from scratch can be immensely satisfying while also saving you money, allowing more control over your nutritional intake, and providing an outlet to express your creativity. Being able to shop, prep, cook, and feed yourself is the ultimate in self-sufficiency that will bring you energy and joy for the rest of your life.

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