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Ali Cox has decades of experience in business analysis, agile, project methodology development and training, and systems development. As lead expert in business analysis and agile for Netmind, she provides training and mentoring for businesses ranging in size from a single team to Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

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1 results
Business Analysis For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet / Updated 01-10-2023

Business analysis is a profession, or a set of methods, tools, and techniques, or a role, or a combination of all of these. Your role as a business analyst is critical for successful delivery of value to your customers, whether those customers are external or internal to your organization. You can use business analysis concepts, tools, and technique across your organization to help it to respond quickly and effectively to changes in your world, your environment, your markets, your customer base. You can use business analysis at multiple levels: the strategic level, the initiative level, and the operational level.

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