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Your Canon EOS 7D has a built-in self-timer that you use whenever you want to delay the opening of the shutter. This option is useful when you want to take a self-portrait or you want to be in a picture with other people. The self-timer is also handy when you’re taking pictures on a tripod, especially when the shot requires a long exposure.

The countdown allows time for any camera shake that was caused by pressing the shutter to subside. The EOS 7D Mark II self-timer counts down from 2 seconds and one that counts down from 10 seconds. To enable the self-timer:

  1. If you’re not already in shooting mode, press the shutter button halfway and then press the Drive-AF button.

  2. Look at the LCD panel and then turn the Quick Control dial to select either the 2-Second or 10-Second Timer.

    The image on the left shows the LCD panel with the 2-Second Timer selected, and the image on the right shows the 10-Second Timer selected.

  3. Compose your scene in the viewfinder.

    If you’re shooting a self-portrait or will be in the picture, mount your camera on a tripod. If you’re not looking through the viewfinder when you used the self-timer, you’ll also have to remove the eyecup and place the eyepiece cover over the viewfinder. This little piece slides into the same slots as the eyecup. The eyepiece cover is on the camera strap that shipped with the camera. The eyepiece cover prevents stray light from changing the exposure.

    If you’re using a third-party camera strap, remove the eyepiece cover from the camera strap and store it in your camera bag so you’ll have it on hand when using the self-timer. Alternatively you can drape a dark cloth such as a black microfiber lens cleaning cloth over the eyepiece.

  4. Press the shutter button halfway to achieve focus.

    The green light on the right side of the viewfinder shines when focus has been achieved.

  5. Press the shutter button.

    The camera begins to count down. As the camera counts down, you hear a beeping sound and a light on the front of the camera flashes. Two seconds before the end of the countdown, the light stays on and the beeping sounds faster. If you’re taking a self-portrait, say “cheese” when the red light is solid.

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