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Keeping records on your turtle or tortoise is a necessity. Do you remember exactly when you bought your pet? When were those eggs laid? In addition, with so many species protected by law, you need to be able to show where, when, and from whom you got each pet. Records and photographs can also help you identify your pets if one is stolen or escapes.

The essential information to keep about your turtle or tortoise includes

  • Name, number, and identification

  • Species common name and Latin name

  • A detailed physical description

  • The date you acquired your pet and from whom

  • Your pet’s age at time of acquisition

Write down any other relevant information regarding how and where you acquired your pet and his condition when you got him.

Keep track of other pertinent information, including illnesses, injuries, changes in habits, sexual maturity, breeding information, and anything else that’s important to you. Weigh your hatchlings and measure their lengths weekly; weigh and measure adults monthly. Attach up-to-date photographs of your pet to your pet record as well.

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