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It’s not hard to find a dog breeder, but you want to find a reputable one when picking out your Yorkshire Terrier. Look for a breeder of Yorkshire Terriers that does the following:

  • Breeds only animals who are healthy and have good, stable dispositions

  • Waits to breed until he has a waiting list of buyers for the puppies or is breeding for a new puppy he can show

  • Begins socializing the puppies shortly after they’re born

  • Has the puppies undergo health checks by a vet and gets their initial shots

  • Waits until the puppies are a minimum of 12-weeks-old before separating them from their mother

  • Sells puppies out of his own home

  • Investigates the people he sells puppies to

  • Makes health records and medical checks of the dam, sire, and puppy available to you

  • Gives you the registered names and numbers of the puppies’ dam and sire

  • Insists on spay/neuter agreement for non-show-quality puppies or specifies limited registration in the American Kennel Club (AKC) for the puppy

  • Offers a written guarantee for the health and temperament of the puppy

  • Does other things (exhibits his dogs, participates in breed clubs, and so on) with the dogs besides breed them

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