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When the time comes for you to travel, you want a comfortable and safe place to board your Boston Terrier. Before your drop off your dog, call or visit potential boarding facilities and ask these questions:

  • What hours are you open? When can I drop off my dog and pick her up?

  • Is the kennel supervised 24 hours a day in case of emergency?

  • What vaccinations do you require the dogs to have?

  • Are incoming dogs screened for fleas, ticks, and other parasites?

  • Is a veterinarian on call in case of emergency?

  • What experience do you require your staff to have? Do they know dog first aid?

  • How large are the kennels? How often are they cleaned?

  • How often are the dogs fed? Watered?

  • Can I bring my own food, treats, and toys? Is bedding provided, or can I bring my own?

  • Will someone walk my dog every day? Is there a fee for this service?

  • Do you offer any grooming services?

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