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Canadian gardeners need to know when the growing season in their area begins and ends so they can avoid losing plants to frost. This chart provides frost dates across Canada. To be extra careful, plant or transplant temperature-sensitive plants ten days after the dates below. For more Canadian locations, go to tdc’s FarmGate.

Location Last Frost Date First Frost Date Typical Number of Frost-Free Days
St. John’s June 2 October 12 132
Halifax May 6 October 20 167
Montreal May 3 October 7 157
Toronto May 9 October 6 150
Winnipeg May 25 September 22 120
Regina May 21 September 10 112
Calgary May 23 September 15 115
Yellowknife May 27 September 15 111
Whitehorse June 11 August 25 75
Vancouver March 28 November 5 222
Victoria March 1 December 1 275

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