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One of the great things about roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons is that you get to completely customize your character, starting from scratch. When you’re creating a new 1st-level character for your Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition game, you get to select the following types of class powers:

  • Two 1st-level at-will powers (for a human character, pick three)

  • One 1st-level encounter power

  • One 1st-level daily power

As your character gains experience levels, he or she gains additional powers. For example, at 2nd level, your character gains one 2nd-level utility power; at 3rd level, one 3rd-level encounter power; and at 5th level, one 5th-level daily power. Your character is gaining other benefits, too, but the opportunity to choose new powers is one of the most interesting and useful parts of gaining levels.

Start your character creation with a character sheet from the official Dungeons & Dragons Web site.

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