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Some players treat a penalty double in a hand of bridge as a personal insult. Those players are prone to say, “Redouble” (“I double-dare you”), quadrupling the stakes! When a contract is redoubled and not made, the penalties quickly grow to behemoth proportions. When the contract is made, the lucky declarer and their partner get four times the trick score and a bonus of 100 on top of that for the extra insult.

Scoring redoubled undertricks in bridge

Score the following points for nonvulnerable undertricks in redoubled contracts:
  • Down 1 = 200 points

  • Down 2 = 600 points

  • Down 3 = 1,000 points

The redoubled score is exactly double the score that it would be in a doubled contract.

Score the following points if the bidding side is vulnerable and the contract is redoubled and not made:

  • Down 1 = 400 points

  • Down 2 = 1,000 points

  • Down 3 = 1,600 points

Double the score, compared to going down in a doubled contract.

Scoring redoubled overtricks in bridge

Sometimes the redoubling side makes overtricks. When this earth-shattering event happens, everything is quadrupled:
  • Each nonvulnerable redoubled overtrick = 200 points

  • Each vulnerable redoubled overtrick = 400 points

If you’re playing for money, bring quite a bit along if you or your partner make several doubles and redoubles that don’t work out. Of course, if they do, you’ll leave with pockets full.

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