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Even though you crochet with only one hook, both hands are busy the whole time. Your dominant hand holds the crochet hook, and your other hand holds the yarn.

Holding your crochet hook is pretty simple. You just need the right grip on it. If your hand isn’t comfortable, it can cramp up, and your stitches won’t be even. Crocheting should be relaxing, not a continuous fight with the hook and yarn. Experiment with each of the following positions to see which one feels the most comfortable for you.

  • Over-the-hook position: Position your dominant hand over the hook with the handle resting against your palm and your thumb and index finger grasping the thumb rest. View the over-the-hook position for both left-handed and right-handed crocheting:

    Holding the crochet hook in an over-the-hook position
  • Under-the-hook position: Hold the hook as you would a pencil with the thumb rest between your forefinger and thumb. You can see how both lefties and righties work the under-the-hook position:

    drawing of a person holding the crochet hook in an under-the-hook position

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